20 Minute Blogs – Weight Loss Edition
To All Budding Marketers


Don’t Have An Awesome Website?
  • No time to build one?
  • No web design skills?
  • Don’t have anything to sell?
  • Not building a list?
  • Not maximizing your prospects?
  • Don’t know how to get traffic to your site?
Even if you have a website maybe it doesn’t get any traffic?
Or maybe it just doesn’t convert to sales?
Maybe it just doesn’t keep visitors engaged?
The fact is that any one of the above could be the brick wall that is stopping you making any money.
And you know what happens when things take too long to work?
Yep! You move onto the next shiny object or empty promise.
That’s Why 78% of all on-line marketers to FAIL.

My name is Tony Marriott and I have been working full-time online for nearly 8 years and I can tell you that in that time I have made every mistake in the book.
I Certainly Didn’t Have A Smooth Transition From A 9-5 Job To An Online Business. I Fell Into Just As Many Traps As Everyone Else.
So why did I manage to make this my full time business while others have been stuck on the sidelines just throwing money into a bottomless pit?
Basically it’s because I managed to break that cycle
of jumping from one new shiny object to another.
To be fair some of the so called shiny objects may actually be viable ways to make money online.

The trouble is that they tend to fall into two categories:

  • 1.Instant push button solutions that generally just don’t work. Hey, if they did we’d all have at least one right?
  • 2.Good ideas that just take a lot of time and effort to get working. So you get impatient or simple fed up with the lack of results and move on to something else.
It’s time to break that cycle.
How can you do that?

The key is to recognise what is simply
a magic button or instant riches promise.
All these simply fail,
they just don’t exist in the real world.
You need to separate out any opportunity and decide if it is actually realistic or not.

Usually you can see the offers that are a waste of time. They will have no real substance or business plan. By that I mean they don’t actually contribute anything, or expect you to contribute anything, to the process.

Yes, you have to put something in to get something out! Shock Horror.

If a product promises you don’t have to do anything then it’s a fair bet it just won’t work.

If a product doesn’t tell you what it is then it probably won’t work. You know the kind of thing. Where the sales letter tells you:

This isn’t this, or isn’t that, or isn’t the other.
It’s just amazing.
It’s my secret solution.
Just buy it to find out what it is.
Just buy this blind. etc.
What a pile of $!**%#@

If a seller can’t (or wont) tell you what you are buying you should run a mile! Just kick it in to touch. Leave it where it is!

So, once you have kicked out the ‘no-hopers’
you can look at the ‘possibles’
The next question is – Do you have enough time and ability to do what’s needed?
Having the best plan in the world is no good if you can’t implement it.
  • Can you build a blog?
  • Can you configure an autoresponder?
  • Can you make a squeeze page, record a video, use cPanel, install plugins, back-up sites, write in html, edit images, create ecovers or write articles in good English?
  • Or anything else that may be needed to make any new product or training work?
And if you can do all these things, can you do them in any reasonable time scale. One that means you actually get to run your new ‘system’ before you get thoroughly bored with the whole thing and kick it into touch

Because if you can’t do all the above then there is no point in buying or trying the product.
Most people desperately need to believe they can succeed
(which is great!)
but this drives them to make one useless purchase after another!
I was in the same exact cycle as you at one point in my online career so I understand only too well how it happens and how it keeps happening.

What eventually got into my thick skull was that I simply had to be honest with myself and choose a solution that:

  • Actually looked realistic.
  • I was able to actually do.
  • I could do it quickly before I got bored.
That meant buying, what I like to call,
Done-For-You is very different from
magic buttons or instant riches
Done-For-You simply means that some of the donkey work is done-for-you.

It means someone else has done the work to simplify and speed up your ability to get up and running.

Note the difference? Work Has Been Done For You (yes work has been done!).

It doesn’t mean you have no work to do of course, that is inevitable in any real system or business.

But a good done-for-you system is very much like what you would do or see if you were already successful

You would outsource all the mundane tasks or all the tasks that were not within your skill-set or just take a lot of time. This gives you more time to actually build and grow your business rather than wasting hours, days, weeks or even months trying to do every single task on your own.
So this is exactly what I have done with
20 Minute Blogs -The Perfect Funnel?
I have done all the hard work of building a highly professional, highly engaging and high converting review web site and all the additional pieces that make it a real piece of online real-estate.

It offers reviews of 6 of the top performing Clickbank weight-loss products.

It’s called 20 Minute Blogs because
you can literally install and
have your entire site up and running in 20 minutes

It’s called The Perfect Funnel because
everything about the web site is designed to
drive viral traffic, capture leads and convert your visitors to sales.

So let me tell you exactly what you DO get
A complete lead generation and sales system including:

A beautiful, modern and professional review site that can be installed and configured in under 20 minutes.

  • 6 reviews of top paying Clickbank weight-loss products.
  • High converting layout
  • Contextual affiliate links
  • Free give-away weight-loss report
  • Lead capture form compatible with all leading autoresponders.
  • Like Lock function to drive social engagement.
  • Blog section with articles and videos.
  • Eye grabbing slider
  • All the legal requirements like UK cookie, disclaimer, terms, privacy etc.
  • Built in site security and back-ups
  • Highly flexible configuration
  • Fluid responsive layout
  • Mobile friendly.
  • And more…
The whole site is created so that you can easily add additional content and share that content to the main social networks.

Driving viral traffic from social networks is one the best ways of driving free traffic to your site and this design makes that very easy.

So how does this help you?

Well, it basically means you can spend 20 minutes setting up and configuring your site

Which is probably 95% further than you will get with many other products


Who are your customers?

Weight-loss is one of the highest paying niches you can work in with a absolutely huge customer base.
  • 49% of Americans want to lose weight
  • 65% of UK women are trying to lose weight
  • 44% of UK men are currently dieting.

How much will all this done-for you work cost?

Weight-loss is one of the highest paying niches you can work in with an absolutely huge customer base.
It’s not just a blog. With a blog you keep publishing content and hope that some of your visitors will want to buy something you are offering.

This is a review site that is laser focused on a particular niche and aimed at the perfect customer. Everything about this site is designed to do one of three things. Either sell an affiliate product, get the visitors email address or get them to promote your site via social networking.

In any case you are a winner. Once signed up to your email list you can market to that subscribers for as long as they stay on your list. If they post or like your page you get the potential of viral social traffic. Win-Win-Win!

This quality of website would normally cost you a bucket load of cash
Today You Can Get 20 Minute Blogs – Weight Loss Edition For Just

20 Minute Blogs Weight Loss Edition

Still sitting on the fence?
I can’t think why?

OK, Let me take this one step further. I will remove any risk you may have by offering you a full 30 Day money back guarantee.

Yes that’s right, if for any reason you are not completely thrilled with this product just let me know at the help-desk and I will refund 100% of your money.

Anything else holding you back?
How about a few cool bonuses that will perfectly compliment your 20 Minute Blog.

Bonus 1
Email Follow Up Series

Perhaps writing email promotions is not your strongest suit? OK no problem

I will give you complete follow up email series for each of the 6 affiliate products on the site. Just add them all to your autoresponder and get 6 weeks of follow up emails sent to your new subscribers.

That’s right every time anyone subscribes to your list they will receive 6 different sales campaigns over a period of six week almost forcing them to buy.

Email Follow Up Series



Bonus 2
Social Strike Force Video Series

Want to know how to leverage Social Media for hoards of traffic?

Well this video series will explain everything you need to know.

Bonus 3
Facebook Ads Video Series

Really want to launch your site with a bang? Or once you see how well this site converts you will want to ramp up as fast as you can.

Facebook Ads can give you instant traffic to your web pages. Use this to kick start or power boost your social viral traffic.

Let me just summarize exactly what you are getting.
This is the whole package.
  • Done For You Weight-loss Review Site
  • Lead Generation Funnel
  • Free Offer Lead Magnet
  • All Autoresponder Compatible
  • 6 Top Paying Clickbank Affiliate Product Reviews
  • High Converting Pages
  • Email Capture
  • Social Unlock
  • Inbuilt Backup And Security
  • Fully Flexible & Mobile Friendly
  • Built In Blog
  • 20 Minute Install And Configuration
Plus three massive bonuses
  • 6 Weeks 6 Product Follow Up Email Series
  • Social Strike Training Videos
  • Facebook Ads Training Videos
  • 30 Day NQA Money Back Guarantee
What are you waiting for?

Hit the buy button below to grab your copy now before the price rises.
It’s going up with every new purchase.

20 Minute Blogs Weight Loss Edition
This is not the time to hesitate. Think about this!
If you keep looking for your next shiny object!

How long will it take you to set up your next online business?
Will you get fed-up with it before you can make it work?
Is it even a realistic business or just a another false promise?

Or take 20 minute blogs today and be up and running in less than an hour from now.

How successful do you think you can be if you are spending your time generating social traffic to a high converting, fully working review site?
Adding your visitors to your email list?
Having your visitors actually promote your site for you?

Well that’s what happens when you install a 20 minute blog.

Or would you rather sit on your computer trying to figure out all the techy stuff, all the theory? Do you want to build a half decent site (at best) that just won’t convert even if you had enough time to generate any traffic?

It’s not exactly a difficult decision is it?
Hit the buy button above and finally start doing something for yourself that will finally make an impact!